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Sayings are present in our daily lives and help us to better explain our ideas. I love to use them anytime, with a friend, with a client, with my husband and also with my children. Especially like this saying “you don’t just have to be, you have to seem” because I feel it applies in various contexts always with the same meaning. I confess that the first time I heard it – or at least the first time I remember, my memory easily betrays me – I did not understand it, or perhaps I did not want to understand it. A friend of mine told me a few years ago and I think she tried to be very polite because in fact she was my boss and gave me feedback.

In the last year I have felt that this phrase becomes more and more relevant in my day to day, it applies very well to the reality of many brands that offering incredible products and / or services do not have a solid brand strategy and less an visual identity that do justice.

This happens very often and is that they prioritize the quality of the product and the service above all things, which is fantastic, however let’s remember that everything comes through the eyes -a phrase that I also love and that will be the reason for another article- When we think about our product, let us remember that we must also think about our brand. We must take care of all the details, what it is called, how it looks, how it is presented, how it communicates, how it will interact with the public and above all what it exists for and what it believes in. All these aspects represent the brand strategy, the identity and the graphic system. These issues are key because they will give life to the brand, let us remember that a brand is like a person, we must provide it with the necessary tools so that it can function in the best way and manage to position itself in a market so saturated with information.

And this is branding, or brand building. Many believe that branding is just the logo, it is actually much more. Brands are built every day. The strategy and identity allow us to define the guidelines of the brand but much depends on how it behaves every day at its different touch points, that is, in the physical world and now more than ever in the digital world. Being faithful to the guidelines is what allows us to build strong brands that transcend time.

We need to stablished the purpose, personality and brand values.
All of these define the brand equity.

Let’s think about ourselves for a minute, how do we want them to see us? It is true that we seek to be the best version of ourselves and that is why we are constantly evolving, growing, maturing, taking risks and above all learning and unlearning. And let’s not forget the physical aspect, we always want to look good. The same happens with brands, since they are born they are obliged to evolve but always maintaining their essence, what makes them unique and special, what makes them authentic. That is why it is so important that we define a solid brand strategy and a powerful identity that allows them to be the brands they seek to be.

I invite you to question how your brand is today, is it really what it seems? Ask yourself if your brand lives up to your product and if it projects who they really are. If the answer is no, bet on a change or rather an evolution. Review your purpose and beliefs as a company, and based on that build the brand you need.

Keep in mind that we can always do an extreme make over or in this case a rebranding.